“I honestly cannot put into words the feelings I have when you help me just be me.”

“I felt great afterwards, and still am feeling great right now! … You’re really good! It was lovely cuddling with you too, definitely worth the trip from LA! I like how you start your sessions with a set of questions, where I had to answer yes or no to all of them, and pay attention to my body’s reactions as I answered each question. I enjoyed all the cuddling positions, especially the last one before the session ended, because it was very intimate. I like to be close whenever I cuddle with someone. What I wish was different? Well, nothing really, but maybe that the time would not have gone by so quickly since I was enjoying it so much!”

“My wife and I saw Michelle for the first time, on the recommendation of another cuddle therapist. We wanted to work on how to ask for what we wanted in sex and how this relates into the “play parties” we had just started attending. We were very new to this and the idea of asking and waiting for a response was foreign to us. Then accepting that response for what it was in that moment and not “getting into our heads” and making it become a negative reaction. We started into a 3 person role play, to help us understand and overcome the awkward nature of something we had never done before. Michelle was very attentive, very reassuring and very comfortable to talk and work with. She is wonderful about not holding any judgement and working within the comfort level of all involved. It was a great session!

This comfort level allowed myself to seek doing individual work with Michelle, to help me deal with and work to overcome some body issues that have been deeply rooted in my thoughts. We have done some very specialized cuddling sessions, which has allowed me to bring out emotions and feelings that I otherwise would not have shared. She has been very supportive of my issues and has compassion for how I feel and does not try to belittle them or make me feel like they are not valid. It has helped so much, to allow me to think in a different mindset and let go of some of these emotions. It is still a work in progress but with myself feeling better about myself, it has help immensely with my wife and mine relationship. I have been able to open up more about my issues with her and made our relationship that much stronger.

We are both looking forward to more individual and couple sessions. Michelle has been a wonderful guiding light, to help us grow as individuals and as a couple. Her compassion and love of helping others grow and overcome, all done without judgement, is such a liberating feeling. Thank you Michelle for all you do!” – Couple Seeking Support to Attend Sex-Positive Events

“I had my first session with Michelle and while she was very open in discussing my wants and needs ahead of time, I still had some doubts of how my experience would be. Those doubts quickly melted away as soon as we engaged in our session. I found my experience to be very genuine, intimate and trusting as if we had already knew each other and felt “at home” together. She was very welcoming and inviting. I’m looking forward to our next session and continuing our bond!”

“You are wonderful! I can’t believe how gifted you are at drawing out and comforting others. I found the session to be very helpful in breaking through a barrier. I can be extroverted when the situation calls for it, but my nature is much more reserved. I sometimes overthink my responses and the intentions/ motivations of others. You seem to be very comfortable in your own skin which makes your clients less inhibited… You offer a much needed service to grieving, innocent souls.”

“You showed me that it is okay to be open and accepting of oneself and of others.”

“[I’m] calmer, easier to be around people. The ability to work through the discomfort of emotional connection with you has translated to other people in the world. You know how …  when a person is attacked by a dog and they develop the fear against all dogs? In a way, this is the opposite. By having a positive emotionally-intimate experience with you, I developed a positive attitude to interactions with others. [I like your] willingness to be creative, try different things.  [Your] understanding of psychology makes it easier to communicate.  [Also, I have] less chronic muscle tension, focus better [and have] more energy.”

“You probably hear this a lot, but I felt that I got more out of this than a regular therapy session with a social worker or psychologist. Too bad cuddling isn’t covered by health insurance, but it should! Also thanks for letting me be weird ;-)”