“You showed me that it is okay to be open and accepting of oneself and of others.”

“[I’m] calmer, easier to be around people. The ability to work through the discomfort of emotional connection with you has translated to other people in the world. You know how …  when a person is attacked by a dog and they develop the fear against all dogs? In a way, this is the opposite. By having a positive emotionally-intimate experience with you, I developed a positive attitude to interactions with others. [I like your] willingness to be creative, try different things.  [Your] understanding of psychology makes it easier to communicate.  [Also, I have] less chronic muscle tension, focus better [and have] more energy.”

“You probably hear this a lot, but I felt that I got more out of this than a regular therapy session with a social worker or psychologist. Too bad cuddling isn’t covered by health insurance, but it should! Also thanks for letting me be weird ;-)”