Things I Love

Please see this list as a living document, growing as my awareness and knowledge grows.

Favorite Books:

Sex after Grief by Joan Price

The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin and Robyn Dalzen

Awareness: Conversations with the Masters by Anthony de Mello

Polysecure by Jessica Fern (I especially love chapter 9 about secure attachment to self)

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

What Happened To You? by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Bruce Perry – A great book on trauma

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Read my entire reading list here.

Favorite Podcasts:

All podcasts from Brene Brown! Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead

We Can Do Hard Things – the podcast by Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed

Favorite Tik-Toks:

If a dog can learn consent…

Natalie who talks about marital coercion… you can also find her website at

Other Resources I Frequently Recommend:

Authentic Relating Games

Become a better listener with this mini-class from Kassandra Brown

Dr K and Healthy Gamer GG – Dr K on faculty at Harvard in Psychiatry. His focus is the gamer world. He provides really rich mental health information. I especially love how he brings in eastern medicine into his work. I’ve personally learned a lot about meditation watching his videos on Youtube. Click here for his meditation playlist.

Asexual and Aromantic Resources shared by Ela Przybylo.

A great video by Ilan Stephani talking about why creating safety in the relationship needs to come before any other steps.

Guess what, not everyone has spontaneous sexual desire! You are completely normal if you don’t just get struck by the lightening of sexual desire. Watch this video with Emily Nagoski. Check out her book Come As You Are (and the workbook).

Yes/No/Maybe Sexual Inventory List from Scarleteen.

My go-to books on PE and ED. (Thanks, Kendra Holliday for suggesting them)

STI Risk Chart from San Francisco City Clinic