Meet Michelle Renee

My name is Michelle and I’m a human connection coach based just north of Baltimore, Maryland.  I’ve been working in human connection since 2015.  I’m humbled by the growth I’ve witnessed in my clients when they get a chance to experience security, trust, acceptance and self-empowerment.  

Growing up and living the first 40 years of my life in West Michigan, when I discovered I really wanted to do hands-on sex education, after attending a BodySex workshop with Betty Dodson in 2014, I knew West Michigan wasn’t the place. Instead, I decided on a different approach to hands-on work, becoming one of Cuddlist’s first certified professional cuddlers and definitely the first one in Michigan (2015).

I found that professional cuddling was actually very close to sex education, surprisingly. In supporting my clients in gaining better boundaries and communication skills, they were building the foundation for healthy sex lives and relationships.

After moving to San Diego, California in 2018, I realized I had the opportunity to explore surrogate partner therapy. It seemed like the next step in my client work and being in California made that feel very doable compared to Michigan. I took the step and started training with Dr Susan Kaye and The Institute for Mind Body Therapy.

While it was sad to leave San Diego, I took an opportunity to move to Cockeysville, MD. I had colleagues here and knew the area was ripe for surrogate work. I couldn’t say no. I moved and started seeing clients here just this January (2020)! Covid has slowed things down but I’m using my time to network with other surrogates in the area, connect with therapists and do LOTS of reading. I’m looking forward to getting back to working with clients in-person.

Now more about my work…

While most of my work is in-person, some can be done virtually, allowing me to work with clients from all over the world… and I travel! I work in the full spectrum of human connection from non-sexual to sexual intimacy.  

Human Connection Sessions start with a simple question, “How would you like to connect?” and we go from there.   You are in control of the session and I meet you where you are.  These are fully clothed, non-sexual sessions.  Each client’s need is different and as such, pricing varies.  Please contact me for more information.

Human Connection Coaching can be great if you are:

  • having a difficult time separating touch from sex.  We can work on that!  
  • coming from a background that involves trauma of some kind and you would like to establish a feeling of safety with touch.
  • struggling with setting boundaries in your life.
  • isolated and desiring connection.
  • looking to build relational skills.
  • wanting to practice saying no.
  • needing to feel accepted for exactly who you are.
  • struggling to know what it is you want in life.
  • experiencing “skin hunger” and looking for safe, consensual, nurturing.

Looking for something more on the sexy side of life… I also offer intimacy coaching and surrogate partner therapy.  

Please note that I am not a sex therapist.  I am a geek about sex and relationships, a trained surrogate partner, and a Cuddlist certified practitioner.  I look forward to working with you First step?  Fill out the contact form.

Warm hugs,