Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and common responses:

What is Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) and is it for me?

Surrogate Partner Therapy is generally a good fit for non-partnered clients that would benefit from a broader container than Human Connection Coaching allows for. A supervising clinician (therapist) is required. You can learn more here and don’t hesitate to reach out for additional guidance.

What if I don’t have a therapist?

If you are interested in Surrogate Partner Therapy and don’t have a therapist, please contact me. I have therapists I can refer you to.

What is “Human Connection Coaching”?

In short, Human Connection Coaching has the purpose of helping you connect better with yourself and others. We do that through exploring boundaries, communication and sometimes touch. You can read more about it here. Another great resource, and suggested reading for all coaching and surrogate clients, is the book The Art of Receiving and Giving by Betty Martin. This is also a good option for clients not ready for a triadic model relationship with a therapist.

Who do I work with?

I work with all genders. Whether platonic or erotic, everyone is welcome.

I notice that most SPT clients are cis men and that a fair share of my cuddle therapy clients are cis women. It’s been fascinating to see the tides shifting in the cuddle world. When I first started in professional cuddling, 99% of my clients were cis men. Overall, though, I’m comfortable working with all genders (note I didn’t say “both”).

I tend to also draw clients that are on the autism spectrum.

Are you looking to connect deeper with yourself and others? I can meet you where you are.

How much will it cost?

Coaching is an investment of $150/hour. In Surrogate Partner Therapy or anytime a therapist is working on our team, please add $50/hour to cover the time I spend outside of our sessions writing notes and communicating with your therapist.

Cuddle rates can be found on my Cuddlist profile.

Will Insurance Pay for This?

No. Insurance will not cover this type of work. Your insurance may cover your talk therapist.

Are you a therapist?

If you are a therapist, wondering how I’d like you to connect me with your client, please reach out first so I can get a feel for your client and so we can see if we are compatible for collaboration. Email me at michelle@humanconnectioncoach.com and we can get a call scheduled.

What if I really just want cuddling?

Cuddle Therapy can be a great entry-level session, giving the client a chance to get to know Michelle better and have a better “feel” for how she supports clients. Photo by MrArash.com

Looking for a cuddling session? We can absolutely schedule that! You are invited to check out my profile at Cuddlist.com.

Does a session need to include touch?

No! Definitely not. While my background is in professional cuddling, touch is NEVER required. I meet my clients where they are.

Would this be available as exposure therapy?

Yes! With the support of a therapist guiding the work, this could be/has been used for exposure therapy.

What if I’m looking for some sort of hybrid of intimacy coaching?

Great question! I invite you to schedule an intimacy coaching exploratory call!

Do you still offer Cuddle Parties?

Sometimes. While Covid has shut down all Cuddle Parties, they are on my radar for the future, maybe. Join my mailing list to keep up to date.

Where are you located?

I have home bases in both Towson, Maryland (just north of Baltimore) and San Diego, California. I work across the DMV (Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland), Philadelphia, and San Diego, seeing clients monthly. Outside of those areas? While I don’t usually add much additional travel to my calendar, you are invited to add your information to this form.

If you’d like to see my travel calendar for the next three months, check out my site https://meetmichellerenee.com.

Are you a Tantrica?

I’ve had this question before and I generally answer, “Since I don’t really know what that is, my answer is no.” I’m not into tantra. I’ve only taken one tantra-based workshop and it was to be a plus-one to a colleague. It’s not my thing.