Cuddling and Sex Work – What’s the Connection?

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m a professional cuddler and a sex worker.

In 2014 I watched the movie The Sessions and had this knowing that I would love to be a surrogate partner, or sex surrogate as it used to be called. It didn’t seem like it was in my future but I felt it might be something I’d be good at. I shrugged it off, still looking for what I wanted to do for this next chapter of my life.

At the end of 2015 I chose to be trained as a professional cuddler and became a Cuddlist Certified Practitioner. Wouldn’t you know it, in 2018 I circled back around and started training as a surrogate partner. It made sense. The work I was doing as a professional cuddler could easily be surrogate partner work, just with a different set of boundaries. As a professional cuddler I was supporting my clients in experiencing safety and secure attachment. I was thrilled to add surrogate partner to my offerings.

Being a surrogate partner, I proudly identify as a sex worker. I’m also very aware that I have a lot of privilege. I’m open about my work because I feel safe enough to do so. I’m a white, cis, mid-40s female and I feel safe. My work as a surrogate partner is protected a bit too, as I work in a triadic model with a therapist and the client. You can learn more about the ethics and legalities here.

I support the decriminalization of consensual sex work.

Here’s a video I made with my colleague Keeley Shoup.

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