Surrogate Partner Therapy & Human Connection Coaching

human connection coaching can involve intimacy, boundaries, acceptance and self worth, communication, relationships and sexuality.

Do you seek connection? 

Do you seek better connection? 

Michelle Renee is a surrogate partner and human connection coach based in the Baltimore/DC area, serving clients monthly in both San Diego and Philadelpia
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My name is Michelle and I’m a Surrogate Partner and Human Connection Coach and I see clients monthly in Baltimore, DC, Philly and San Diego. I’ve been working in human connection since 2015, with over 765 in-person session hours.  I’m humbled by the growth I’ve witnessed in my clients when they get a chance to experience security, trust, acceptance, and self-empowerment.  I see my work as the physical therapy of emotional health.

I work in the full spectrum of human connection from platonic to sexual connection, in both physical and emotional intimacy.  I’m also more relationship geek than sex geek.  My work focuses on the relationship of connection more than the mechanics of sex.

I’m here to support you in discovering and loving your authentic self so that you can share the same love and acceptance with the people in your life, helping them do the same, over and over.


By witnessing you from a place of unconditional positive regard.

By encouraging you to borrow my love for you, until you can harvest it for yourself.

By offering a laboratory for exploration where risk-taking is a little less risky.

By empowering you to discover and own your pleasures in life.

By liberating you from the idea that putting yourself first is selfish.

By modeling self-love, worth, and compassion. No higher power, no magic, no woo-woo. I’m a self-educated, girl next door with a giant heart and experience in my growth process. I’ve done it. I know you can too.

I strive to build a deep connection with you while giving you permission to experiment with your boundaries, your desire, your body.

This “safe space” allows for you to explore and work through the human experience which can include, but are not be limited to:

Attachment wounds
Change in ability/circumstance
Body acceptance
Emotional and/or physical intimacy challenges

Human Connection Coaching is an experiential supplement to talk therapy or can be a stand-alone modality, though it’s always most powerful when used in tandem.

What does Surrogate Partner Therapy look like?

I invite you to watch this touching segment from This is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN.  In this segment, you’ll see Surrogate Partner Emiko working with two different clients.  My SPT sessions look very similar.

Who is Surrogate Partner Therapy For?

Generally, clients seek SPT because they experience obstacles to emotional or physical intimacy that prevent them from having healthy relationships. Some obstacles may include:

Orgasmic or Erectile Difficulty

History of Abuse or Assault

Sexually Naïve (Late-Life “Virgin”)

Social Anxiety

Orientation and Identity with LGBTQIA+

Genital Pain


…while others are less immediately apparent.

Regardless of the obstacle, SPT addresses the whole person, rather than the symptoms.

Learn more about Surrogate Partner Therapy at  Also, be sure to click here for more information about how I work as a Surrogate Partner. 

The Arc of Surrogate Partner Therapy

But what about Human Connection Coaching? 

Basically, Human Connection Coaching is the early stages of Surrogate Partner Therapy, the stages that don’t require a supervising therapist as the work doesn’t have the potential for going erotic.

Human Connection Coaching could be for you if you are:

  • seeking Surrogate Partner Therapy but not ready or interested in working with a therapist in the triadic model.  
  • having a difficult time separating touch from sex.  We can work on that!  
  • coming from a background that involves trauma of some kind and you would like to establish a feeling of safety with touch.
  • struggling with setting boundaries in your life.
  • isolated and desiring connection.
  • looking to build relational skills.
  • wanting to practice saying no.
  • needing to feel accepted for exactly who you are.
  • struggling to know what it is you want in life.
  • experiencing “skin hunger” and looking for safe, consensual, nurturing.

Please note that I am not a sex therapist.  I am a trained surrogate partner and a geek about relationships.  I look forward to working with you!  First step?  Fill out my contact form below.

Warm hugs,

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